Welocome to Wada lab

  • On-going projects

  1) Molecular basis of regulation of the critical period for vocal


      Key words:  

         Singing-induced genes

         Epigenetic reagulation

                (DNA methylation and histone modification)

         Gene manipulaion using virus expression system

         Next generation sequencing

         Cell type-specific gene manipulation

         Behavioral manipulation


 2) Vocal learning and production of species-specific 

     song patterns

       Key words:  

         Evolution of species-specific vocal patterns

         Species-specifically regulated genes

         cis-/trans- transcriptional regulation

         Cortical-basal ganglia loop

         Cross-fostering experiment

         Hybrid songbirds


 3) Adaptation of songbirds as an animal model for vocal

       communication disorders

        Key words:  



To students living abroad who wish to conduct research in our laboratory,


1) When you contact by email, please thoroughly read the information provided at https://www2.sci.hokudai.ac.jp/faculty/en/researcher/kazuhiro-wada

and also review the published papers from our laboratory listed at



Please clearly state "what questions you have and what kind of research you would like to conduct."


2) Even if you wish to start from a master's program, I strongly recommend entering after a period as a research student.



3) As a basic policy, my laboratory does not accept students directly into the doctoral program without having conducted research at the master's study in my lab.


Especially, I’m looking forward to hearing from candidate students who have expertise and experience in the following experimental techniques:

a) Proficient in general molecular biology experiments.

(Including PCR, in-situ hybridization, Western blotting, cell culturing, etc.)



b) Experience in conducting bioinformatics  analysis (using R, Linux, Python, etc.).